About Me

I was born in Connecticut, adopted and raised in Massachusetts by two of the most amazingly kind, loving and generous parents the universe could have ever given me. I was one of those kids who was always creatively inclined from an early age (with camera or drawing paper in hand), when the time came to pursue my creative dreams I went for it! I studied at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, where I furthered my creative and technical skills in photography, as well as picking up a paintbrush and splicing together experimental 16mm films. I am a versatile, and creative human being.  I have to rad kiddos, who have been incredible sources of daily inspiration for pursuing my wildest dreams. We live in a creative and quirky small town with our sweet little Lab/Dachshund rescue named Ruthie, and our large snuggle bug of a Lab puppy Louis. Our home is full of love, joy, creativity, and energy!

Erin Long by Paul Specht

Other random facts about me: I love riding bikes with my kiddos, I love spending time with really good friends (and their kid’s) eating yummy local foods and drinking locally made libations, also, friends sitting around fire pits and talking is the best (with smores = even better)! I love tattoos and music…rock and roll, indie, dance music…hearing dance music makes it very hard for me to sit still. I am a former soccer player, and now spend my time at the gym, exercise is important! Love the ocean, and would love to live ocean side someday with my boys. I say dude a lot. I love art museums and nature, and art made in nature and brought into a museum! I believe we are all creative and capable of incredible works of art. I used to be terribly shy, having children broke me out of my mold and for that I am grateful. If I could photograph anyone it would be Sally Mann, present day. I love farmers markets and the way they bring communities together around food; good, wholesome, sustainable and local organic food. I love life. This may sound cheesy and cliche, but it’s true. I am very grateful to be here everyday.

Erin Long by Paul Specht 2

I work as a lifestyle, commercial, portrait and wedding photographer, and am based in Western Massachusetts (and I love to travel!). I draw from more than 10 years experience as a professional photographer. I am known for having a natural ease of connecting with clients, and helping all of my clients feel instantly at ease in front of my camera. As a professional artist, I have been fortunate to have had many versatile creative experiences, many of which you can see as you view my portfolios. I bring these experiences and the sensibility they have taught me into all of my photographic work. My creative approach centers on building a personal relationship with every client I work with, and allows me insight into who my clients are, which then in turn allows me to authentically tell their story. I look forward to hearing from you.



photo credit: Paul Specht