We were lucky enough to have Erin shoot our wedding reception and she did an absolutely incredible job!! She was extremely professional and thorough throughout the whole process, which made us feel like we were in great hands. I explained to Erin what I was looking for in the photos before the event, and the end result could not have turned out more beautifully! She captured my vision perfectly and we had an absolute blast hanging out with her on our big day. If you are considering hiring Erin, you will not be disappointed!!!! Also, I just want her to be my friend in general. Because she’s really that cool. 

-Riley & Luke
Bohemian Bridal Couple


I wanted to express my appreciation to Erin for doing such a wonderful job at my bridal shower, for making it fun, and capturing every moment with her wonderful photos! The images you captured are absolutely priceless. It’s so nice to be able to look back and relive the special day through these photos. I had nothing but wonderful comments from my family and friends about your work, you were wonderful and we will definitely pass along your name for future events. 




It’s my experience that often even really beautiful people and gorgeous decorated events often have to been seen in person for their full glory to be conveyed and understood. Yet somehow Erin is one the rare and talented photographers that manages not only to capture the essence of whatever she is documenting, she infuses it with an enchanting and beautiful quality illuminating it all. She manages to highlight whatever magic is in the moment, and enhance it the way that a truly good photographer is much like an alchemist.

As a person she is also sweet, witty and fun to work with, as well as full of ideas and enthusiasm. Our photo shoot developed into more heavenly shots than we could have imagined and she went with the flow while also managing the different pieces and keeping track of all the different combinations she wanted to get. It’s a rare quality to be such a creative spirit while also being able to stay grounded in the whirl of all that goes into any good and wild time worth documenting.

I would entrust her with any project. She is a joy to work with and also follows rapidly up afterwards with the images; all of which are absolutely thrilling to see because she has managed to make everything appear as good you hope it might actually have looked, if not better than you could have hoped. She creates exactly the trust one wants in a photographer; she goes above and beyond the call and her work reflects that. She has a true je ne sais quois, and it benefits all who have the good luck to align with her.

-Corina Miller, The Botaniste 


Using Erin Long Photography at our wedding turned out to be easily the single best decision we made, because the one tangible thing we can look at when all is said and done is the photographs. We hardly knew Erin was there during the ceremony and the reception, but she snapped so many fantastic pictures, I feel as though i revisit the joy at our wedding every single time i look at them. Her artistic eye and documentary style was exactly what we wanted, and she fully exceeded our expectations. How she managed to capture the festive feeling at our wedding in every single shot remains a mystery. We both love these photos. Erin is a true artist behind a lens. Thank you! 

-Lori & Jessica


I reached out to Erin in order to have some professional photographs taken of me, and my children for my Ayurvedic and Doula practice. She was referred to me by a local midwife, along with a couple other photographers, but something made me want to reach out to Erin. She responded right away to my inquiry, and we discussed what I was looking for. She was immediately very warm and thorough, and I was impressed by the portfolio of photographs available on her website. We exchanged several emails regarding details of the upcoming photo shoot, and she sent me some really helpful advise regarding what to wear, how to prepare, etc. We had decided to do the shoot at our home, and to get some photographs with the whole family as well. Photographing a family with small children can be tricky – my boys were 20 months and 4 at the time. When the day came, we were all a bit unsure of what to expect, but Erin completely set us at ease. She used the energy of the moment and of the space, and captured my family beautifully. Each photograph is so full of personality. I was especially impressed and grateful for her patience and joy in photographing my ‘high spirited’ children =) This started out as stressful for me – trying to get them to cooperate – but in the end, we were all able to enjoy their spontaneity. We ended up ordering many more prints than I had originally anticipated, because we simply couldn’t pass up these amazing and meaningful images of our family. At this point they are framed and placed all around the house, and have inspired many smiles by many people! I have no doubt that we will have Erin photograph us again as our family grows and changes.

-Christine Eck, Red Spring Ayurveda


Erin was a part of two precious moments in our life. My eldest daughter had a clear vision of wanting a natural photograph for her senior picture as all her friends were getting photographs taken outside of school. Erin took my daughter for a walk and took a number of photographs that captured my girl at her essence.

Erin photographed my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah catching beautiful moments of family and friends interacting to each other and responding to the Bat Mitzvah girl’s words. We are so grateful to have the family photographs she created, as that was the last event that one of our family members was with it. We treasure those photos and are grateful for Erin’s help, time and skill.

-Amy Mager