Growing (or at least trying to)

Ever since I jumped back into the world of professional photography I have felt such elation and excitement for the possibilities to grow this business organically and with love. It’s been just about two years since I have been back at this and I am trying to hold on to my passion for photography, the optimism that maybe some day my family could live from my work as a photographer. I offer myself as a photographer with a very different approach. When I work, I approach those being photographed in an autonomous way. Meaning that I rarely give any direction, thus allowing me more freedom to observe and create in a most natural state…capturing those photographed in their most natural state. I am a quiet observer, an artist with a camera.

And so, in trying to build a grow this business I have experienced and experiencing struggles. To find a niche in my community and surrounding communities. To find clients who are interested in my work and my approach. There have been a handful of clients these last two years, and for them I am grateful. But, if I am to keep this going there need to be more clients and I am very honest when I say that I am lost at how to entice them with a budget of $0.


SO, if you know of anyone who is seeking a photographer, personal or otherwise! Send them my way!


Summer’s Slowness…

This summer has been really slow over here in birdie bunny land. It’s been slow because when it’s this hot this mama just can’t seem to put one foot in front of the other as my sweet little boy. No matter the weather, he is eager and persistent to move, move MOVE!

I might just spill my honesty beans here…

I knew that it wouldn’t be a simple task to grow this mama business of mine, but there have been times lately when I wonder if it’s all worth it. I LOVE what I do SO MUCH! But, it’s really hard on my heart when I have put to much time and money into this adventure and still my family is struggling to get by. When does this in between part of owning a photography business start to become even the slightest bit lucrative?

I am not going to give up on this, it is where my passion lies, I LOVE photographing people, I hope to start doing it more and SOON!


earthside | birdie bunny photography

What a miracle it is for a mama to bring forth her baby, to breathe her precious one earthside…and to then meet her sweet newborn; face to face, skin to skin. To feel waves of love crash over her, to just sink into the miracle of birth. To feel the warm, sweet little pulses of air that come forth from the most beautiful mouth of her babe. To see the rise and fall of her babies chest full of life giving oxygen is a miracle, a blessing. Where am I going with this? I am going here…to speak of this beautiful couple, Amanda & Matt and their amazing little peanut, Leigh who joined them earthside nearly four weeks ago! This couple, they have an understanding, an awareness that from what I have seen during my adventures as a mama brings more love, more kindness and a gentle listening ear to one’s child.

Listen, listen, listen. There is much to learn from these most precious tiny beings.


Spring Lovin’ | birdie bunny photography

Those of you who know me well, know that I had stopped photographing weddings long ago. I just couldn’t seem to truly find the “right” couples for whom photographing their wedding felt truly exciting, truly joyful for me. It was a test, to see if I was really cut out for it I guess…

Well, the years passed me by.

Then last fall Julie, an old friend mentioned that her friends, Lori & Jessica who were searching for a photographer to capture their spring 2011 Boston wedding, and if as an artist/photographer would I be interested if she gave them my info. So, I thought about it for a day or so…Well, of course I said yes! I was so excited at the possibility!

So, we worked out the details and BAAM! I was officially a wedding photographer again! Only this time, I knew things would be different from then on out. Even before I met Lori or Jess in person, I knew that our personalities would “click”, that they would be the perfect couple to photograph on their wedding day…and they were.

These women, both so incredibly loving toward each other, their family and friends. So happy, so joyful… and so very open to allowing an artistic eye capture their love on their most special day together. I had a blast at your wedding Lori & Jess, it was an honor to be your photographer ladies, your love is beautiful. Thank you for re-inspiring me to capture love. True Love.

xo -erin